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download driver cardevaluate driving timeopen .ddd files

Download driver card and evaluate driving times

TachoTorch is your smart helper for .ddd-files and the driver card download

Download driver card data

Open .ddd-files

Evaluate driving times

Graphic display of all driver activities as a timeline

Evaluate violations

Export so XML, CSV, table

Download the driver card with a USB card reader on any Windows PC. TachoTorch transfers the data from the card to your PC and you can save the .ddd data. The clear visualization of the driving times makes the evaluation very easy and fast.

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.ddd-files, .crd-files and .aaa-files from driver-card or digital tachograph

open ddd-files

All functions

  • Download driver card
  • Open and show existing .ddd-files
  • Graphic visualization of driver activities: rest, standby, working and driving times
  • NEW! Export to table, XML, CSV
  • Violation reporting of driving and rest periods
  • Proper handling of the recording equipment (digital tachograph)
  • Information about driver-card and digital tachograph
  • Information about driver and vehicle
  • Visualization for vehicle speed *
  • Display daily kilometers **
  • Driver role with time **
  • Vehicles used in downloaded period **
  • Evaluation of locations with input event
  • Listing of special events (e.g. power supply interruption)
  • Controls
  • Specific operation
* only for mass memory data, digital tachograph ** only for driver-card-data

Opens all .ddd-files of driver-cards (1st and 2nd generation)

Suitable for data from digital tachographs including the latest generation of tachographs

Evaluation according to EU regulations No. 561 and No. 165

Graphic display of all driver activities as a timeline

Intuitive display of violation messages and other events

open .ddd-files of the 1st and 2nd generation

You can use TachoTorch for all .ddd-files that you have read from the driver-card or downloaded from the mass memory of the digital tachograph. Trendfire TachoTorch is compatible with the 2nd generation .ddd-files from the new tachographs. (Digital Tacho 4.0, SmartTacho, VDO 4.0, Stoneridge 8.0)

download driver-card

Download your driver card or open and check your saved .ddd-files and bring light into the dark.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 or newer with .Net Framework 4.7.2.

download data from driver-card and digital tachograph

from any place, always on time, reliable

Are you looking for a comprehensive tachograph data solution for archiving tachograph data and automatically downloading driver-cards? The telematics solution from Trendfire offers all of this.

Save all data automatically and within the specified time. No matter where your vehicles or drivers are (remote download), the data is automatically downloaded and archived. The times when someone had to read out all vehicles manually with a download stick at the weekend are over. You save time and money and are always on the safe side.

Inform yourself now about automatic tacho download with Trendfire Telematics
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